Electrical Substations, Lines and Distribution Networks

Calibre Consulting Engineers (SA) has expertise in the design of primary substation equipment, ranging from 11kV to 400 kV, and including greenfield substations, extensions, strengthening and rehabilitation.

Calibre Consulting Engineers (SA) services also incorporate the design and specification of grid connection substations for successful integration with the total power system.

This includes the following:

  • Site identification and selection
  • Environmental and social impact assessment
  • Concept designs and drawings
  • Platform and foundation designs
  • Layout, reliability and costing alternatives analysis
  • Auxiliary power and batteries
  • Substation communications integration
  • Detailed engineering design and review
  • Protection Functional Design Specification (FDS)
  • Performance specifications and bill of quantities
  • Construction timeline planning and optimisation
  • Insulation co-ordination studies n Earthing system design
  • Fault / Failure studies n Technical evaluations of bids
  • Detailed design approvals n Factory acceptance testing
  • SCADAIntegration n Site supervision inspections and commissioning

Services offered for Distribution Networks:

  • Medium and low voltage networks and substation
  • Cable design n Distribution network master plans
  • Engineering audits
  • Network rehabilitation
  • Environmental considerations and assessment
  • Concept and detailed engineering design and review
  • Distribution system modelling and analysis studies
  • Network protection analysis, studies and co-ordination
  • Network configuration and optimisation
  • Distribution management systems (DMS)

Services offered for Power Lines:

  • Route and corridor selection
  • Environmental consideration and assessment
  • Conductor selection
  • Tower selection and design
  • Optical Fibre Composite Overhead Ground Wire (OPGW and telecommunications
  • Detailed engineering design and review
  • Tower failure investigations
  • Insulation co-ordination studies
  • Tower spotting and optimisation
  • Concept and detailed line engineering design e.g. Power Line Systems, Computer Aided Design and Drafting (PLSCADD) and review n Performance specifications
  • Technical evaluations of bids n Detailed design approvals n Factory acceptance testing
  • Site supervision inspections and commissioning